Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cow's Year

CNY is one of the traditional event for chinese
which is also the most important event in every year
i always feels like this since i was a child
and im insist to celebrate CNY with my family.
this year my dad wasn't around with us
i know that he really wanted to come back
but ppl at south America didn't celebrate CNY
and becoz of that he has to stay there and work
the tuan yuan fan seems like not really tuan yuan
really hope that he can back on the next CNY

Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to 2009

haha,seems like im late of 1 day
so lazy to blog lately
becoz holiday makes me lazy
new year should be a very happy one
but not for me
becoz i fall in sick on new year eve (WTF)
sien lo, i din go count down
juz play GG at hostel
really sux la
and GG a lot of leaver
before that i get my result for the last sem
that would be the best new year present
becoz my result was quite good
hahaha......maintain my "2nd upper" sem has begin
final sem for this uni life
very soon will graduate already
Good luck and Happy New Year