Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Industrial Training

hwa....seems like i've already more than 2 months never open my blog,
become more and more lazy at the end of my final semester.
now already in my industrial training for 5th weeks, 2 more weeks to go.
the company im in for now is known as genting plantations bhd,
formerly knows as asiatic development bhd,in Selama,Kedah.
dono why they suddenly want to change the company's name.
but nvm,as long as i can finish my training here.

this 5 weeks not to say very kang koh,
coz i've been to those forest in sabah which is really really forest,
the only thing different here is that in forest we can see a lot of kind of trees,
but here only 1, palm oil (Elais guineensis).

But anyhow im quite enjoy my life here in this estate.
i have my own house there,quite big for me alone to stay,
but temporary only lah,after 7 weeks will leave that place.
Every morning 6:30am start work until 5pm,b
ut sometimes i will makan ular,went back to my house around 2pm.
I have given a post there as a "Assistant Manager Trainee",
the workers there will call me "tuan". HAHAHA.....
makes me feel like my juniors calling me "sir" in scout,
which makes me feel a bit "lan c",but i din show out la, LOL

One thing that i feel really good is that the estate got handphone line coverage,and that makes me really happy coz i know im not "isolated" from outside world.
OK lah....will continue next time,sleepy liao,goodnight.