Saturday, May 22, 2010

End of 1st sem of Msc

yea! the 1st semester seems quite smooth for me
managed to present my proposal
and started to collect sample
everything still on schedule
included my semester break
although there ain't any break for me actually
ahaha~wut a lucky semester i suppose
few days ago juz came out from 1st troop kem hutan @ kawang forest reserve
another 12 hours i'll back to Penang
in a very good mood now
so thats it, end of the 1st semester
next semester will be better

Sunday, May 2, 2010

after the run

i've completed the half marathon
although feels like it was a walkathon for me
21.1 km i only manage to run about 7-8km
then i can not tahan already
knee pain and muscle cramp forced me to walk to the ending
the run begin at 5:30am and i reach the ending point on 9:15am
i used 3 hours and 45 mins to complete the 21.1 km

me, crossing the finish line, nearly fell down
me, so happy after getting the finisher medal
the front view of the finisher medal
back view of the medal

but i still feels very happy coz i manage to complete the run
im quite satisfied with this "achievement"
although i need to take a longer time 
thanks tong tong for the photoshot
Next stop.......Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010
im coming !!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Borneo International Marathon 2010

the official logo of BIM 2010
yes, im going for the Borneo Internation Marathon for the 1st time
although im already 4 years at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
the state below the wind, Malaysia's North Borneo.
i got a few  experiences of this kind of marathon back in Penang
so this is not the 1st time im going to run the half marathon, 21km.
but the last time i run is about 4 years ago in PBIM, at that time my stamina and body still young
hopefully i can finish the run tomorrow
the physical preparation for this time is none
lets see if i can finish it or not, wahahaha........

Some of the goodies from the sponsors
Recycle-able bag
Front view of the BIM 2010 shirt
Back view of the BIM  2010 shirt
According to one of my friend that is going to run with me
the route for half marathon is slidely different from the previous year
As usual we will starts from Likas sport centre owards the the Coastal Highway,
turning left after the Sabah Trade Centre at Wisma Perindustrian, then into the city, 
passing Jesselton Point  towards Wisma Merdeka shopping centre .
The route turns right at Wisma Merdeka towards the sea 
and then around the block and straight to Waterfront, Warisan square, Api-Api stretch 
connecting Wawasan Plaza fronting the sea. 
We will then follows the road till traffic light Wawasan Plaza, turns right along the Coastal highway 
till we reach Sembulan then off to Tg Aru trafficlight where they make turns to right (Tg Aru) 
then of to Tg Aru Beach roundabout next to Waikiki condominium 
passing the Air Asia terminal junction and rugby field. 
After completing this loop, we will head back to the stadium for the finish.
 Click on the image for bigger view
Lets do it !!!!