Saturday, October 25, 2008

Study week

ya...1 more week
final exam is coming
today is the beginning of my study week
the exam's schedule already out
so i can prepare my study schedule too
i juz finish tidy up all my notes
taught wanna start my revision
but today is rainy day....
i slept after put my notes aside
becoz the weather is so cold
then somemore my housemate also nua
and i also feel very dizzy after lunch
can not be lazy anymore
muz do something to make my mood become study mode
"study eat study eat study sleep"
"wake up eat study eat study eat study sleep"
ok....that's the plan

Thursday, October 16, 2008

13th week of this semester

Already 13th week of this sem
2 more weeks to go
then i've to face the final exam
but my exam schedule still haven't come out yet
really dono how these ppl working in UMS

this week and next week will be the most tough weeks
i've to pass up all the assignments
and do all the presentations
need to pass up my chapter 1,2,3 somemore

tomorrow will be the BM Jota-Joti 2008
really wish to go back but seems like only in dream
*sob sob sob*
but i will still keep on updating about the event

time seems to be passing very fast
dowan talk much liao
need to do revision for tomorrow's midterm

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This year birthday 08' part 2

The 2nd part of birthday celebration was held on the 3rd of October
We all went to the Barsu at waterfront, kota kinabalu.
Barsu used to be called as Atlantic
Taken with KhengBoon, same birthday with me

We went to the 2nd floor because of open-air

We were having some Italian food
Got pizza, spaghetti, and cake from secret recipe

Quite good the food there


Look, got a small lobster inside, kejamnya~

Thank you all !!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

This year birthday 08'

Hmm.....this year's birthday was very interesting
My birthday party was celebrated in a VEGETARIAN restaurant (LOL)
which is the 1st time in my life and i call that really really "new experience"
We had vegetarian lok lok at Ah Fu Restaurant (阿福) becoz
Ah Fu uncle invited us to go over there
The food was really good with the sources that special made by ah fu uncle
That day 6 people celebrated their birthday together which is me, boon, seok, kemei, yiu yun and li yi
Beside the food, of course the birthday cake oso specially made by "someone i dono"
A mango cake, a very big size mango cake which is sufficient for 20+ man to eat
The cake was delicious and we all rebut rebut to eat
After the lok lok party, we all also lok lok (HAPPY)
Thank you all especially Ah Fu uncle ^^