Monday, October 6, 2008

This year birthday 08'

Hmm.....this year's birthday was very interesting
My birthday party was celebrated in a VEGETARIAN restaurant (LOL)
which is the 1st time in my life and i call that really really "new experience"
We had vegetarian lok lok at Ah Fu Restaurant (阿福) becoz
Ah Fu uncle invited us to go over there
The food was really good with the sources that special made by ah fu uncle
That day 6 people celebrated their birthday together which is me, boon, seok, kemei, yiu yun and li yi
Beside the food, of course the birthday cake oso specially made by "someone i dono"
A mango cake, a very big size mango cake which is sufficient for 20+ man to eat
The cake was delicious and we all rebut rebut to eat
After the lok lok party, we all also lok lok (HAPPY)
Thank you all especially Ah Fu uncle ^^

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