Wednesday, October 27, 2010

High income? Higher income?

our 6th prime minister of Malaysia, Najib had came out with the budget for 2011
well....still the same ol' 1Malaysia thing (hidup umno)
but wait.....he did say something about Malaysia becoming a high income country
now thats the real thing isn't it?
while the united state or america still facing the "side-effect" 

of the economic downturn 2 years ago
but it seems like our beloved country Malaysia are moving forward
moving forward to achieve our wawasan 2020, become a developed country
in the budget, he mention some "new input" that would help to boost the economic of Malaysia
which is called Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)
by creating more job opportunity and increase the income of people
lets hope that "people" are not "imported" from our neighbour country

projects such as greater KL, Mass Rapid Transport (MRT),
and of course the 100 floors mega tower are included in the ETP
all these sounds like our country is developing
or maybe just west Malaysia?
and with a very fast pace, which will eventually resulting a bigger gap between west and east Malaysia.
although im not really a supporter to najib nor barisan,
but to be optimistic, of course all of these transformations and projects can be achieved
the question is to what extent will the ordinary people like us to get benefit from that?
or will it end up to be a white elephant project?
will all the projects given out by open tender?
maybe i'll just have to wait and see (finger-crossed).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ET calling Earth!

Today i would like to share an article from RPK, hope you enjoy it ^^

ET calling Earth! ET calling Earth!
Earth here. Who am I speaking to?
We are ambassadors from the nation called Alfa-Gama. Who am I speaking to?
This is Dr Mazlan Othman speaking.
Are you the leader of the nation called Earth?
No, I am just the United Nation’s ambassador to coordinate responses to ET communications.
Are you authorised to speak on behalf of your nation Earth?
Well, actually we don’t have a nation called Earth. Earth is our planet and we have many nations on Earth, hundreds, in fact.
Hundreds? You mean Earth is not one nation like Alfa-Gama?
No, Earth comprises of many nations. And that is why we have an organisation called the United Nations. And I am representing this organisation called the United Nations.
Oh, I see, and what does your organisation do?
We unite the many nations so that there is peace here on Earth and the hundreds of nations do not go to war with each other.
That makes sense. So that means Earth is a peaceful planet and there are no wars on Earth. That is just the type of planet we are seeking to establish diplomatic relations with.
Well, not exactly. We still have wars. In fact, even as we speak there are wars being fought all over Earth.
Oh, so your organisation, the United Nations, has failed then?
Well, sort of.
So why do you still have an organisation called the United Nations then?
So that we can continue talking on how to prevent wars.
Why not just merge the hundreds of nations into one nation? Would that not be a good way to prevent wars among nations since you have only one nation instead of hundreds of nations?
That may not work?
Why? If you all live on one planet then can’t you all become one nation?
That will not work because even within nations we have wars. This is called civil wars, ethnic wars and religious wars. So, if we can’t live with each other even as a nation how can we unite so many nations into one nation?
Earth is very strange. What are religious wars?
It’s like this. We could be one nation, one race, or one ethnicity, but we are still divided by many religions. So we have wars between religions?
Religion? What is religion?
Religion is…how shall I describe it? Religion is the belief in God.
God? What is God?
God is our creator.
Creator? You mean people on Earth are created, like machines or robots? So Earth people are not living things?
Not quite like that. Earth people are living things. But many of us believe that there is an invisible creator and that we are all created by this creator that no one has ever seen.
And everyone on earth believes this?
Well, almost everyone. The thing is Earth people believe in God in different ways so we fight wars to kill each other because of these differences in how we believe in God.
You all believe in God yet you fight wars because you believe in God in different ways?
That sort of sums it up.
So Earth is a very hostile planet then. You fight wars for all sorts of reasons and you have hundreds of nations that are not at peace with each other and you have an organisation called the United Nations that was set up to prevent wars and all you do is talk about how to prevent wars but you still have wars and kill each other.
I suppose that describes perfectly what Earth is.
I don’t think Alfa-Gama would like to establish diplomatic relations with Earth. Good luck. We might come back in another few thousand years when you have all killed each other off and then we will colonise what is left of your planet.

Note: Dr Mazlan Othman is a Malaysian, and also the Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).
Adapted from:
Translated into Chinese at:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday

another year passed
then come another year
year passed year year year year passed
direct translation from 年复一年又一年
1st of all i must say thank you to all fellow friends 
your wishes from calls/sms/fb/direct contact really warms my heart
im really really appreciate it
and many thanks to wee,yongji,chelsea,genie and xiuxiu 
for belanja me a "suprising" meal at lintas upperstar
u all are so great (with the wing cun aka ip man pose)
and also feels like smashing the cake with the wing cun punch

i must also take this opportunity to say
Happy Birthday to Mr Chuah Kheng Boon
which also the same birthday with me
or i same with his? hahahaha......