Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday

another year passed
then come another year
year passed year year year year passed
direct translation from 年复一年又一年
1st of all i must say thank you to all fellow friends 
your wishes from calls/sms/fb/direct contact really warms my heart
im really really appreciate it
and many thanks to wee,yongji,chelsea,genie and xiuxiu 
for belanja me a "suprising" meal at lintas upperstar
u all are so great (with the wing cun aka ip man pose)
and also feels like smashing the cake with the wing cun punch

i must also take this opportunity to say
Happy Birthday to Mr Chuah Kheng Boon
which also the same birthday with me
or i same with his? hahahaha......

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Chan Zhen Sabah said...

wow! so many Wing Chun followers? nice!