Sunday, September 26, 2010

3 months nua-ing

hoho~im back !
feels like i totally forget about my blog d
i think my last post was 3 months ago
paiseh paiseh if u "really really" follow my blog
coz i've been lazy in the past 3 months
lazy to type, lazy to think, lazy to post, and lazy to many many more
but dono la whether im really "back" or wut
i've come out with a plan to remind/forcing to me keep writing
coz ppl owez say "in order to improve ur language
u muz keep on using and practicing it"
and u know la, my english macam pasembur ba
but....i insist to stick with my pasembur-ed english
and becoz of tat i will practice it here
if u feels eyes pain or confusing or tersinggung
plz skip my blog


wee said...

the thing is, i don't understand the words 'pasembur', and 'tersinggung'. hahahahhahaha.

ahyi49 said...

lazy i think i also lazy as u are...hahaha...