Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raining Season at KK

Juz reach KK last nite
feeling quite blue and emo
when im about to leave my home
only i realize nobody can fetch me at airport
how sad is that
becoz everytime back to KK from PG
Paige or other friends will come and pick me up
but now no more
Paige back to LD and friends are graduated
i think this is real sad
maybe god knows that im so sad
and sent signals to my new housemate, Genie
she called me when im on the penang bridge
of course i won't skip the chance to ask her to pick me up at the airport
eventually she agree, which i think is really "sui" for her and "ho cai" for me
hahaha......maybe she juz feels like if reject my request will makes her life worse here
but don't worry, im cool, im okay if she said she "bo eng" and reject to fetch me

i still can take a taxi to back to kingfisher
anyhow im finally back to my 2nd home
many many thanks to Genie and GOD

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楷文 Kevinpss said...

now u know how important to have friends like me?haha....add oil yea...