Saturday, August 22, 2009

life at kk (before master)

nw everyday oso sien
come back here 2 weeks plus liao
the 1st week still feel occupied coz everyday still hav to go lab
but the 2nd week is mid-sem break ah
walaueh =.=
means i din hav income for the whole week of break
everyday wake up wait eat, eat liao wait sleep
can not be like this la
luckyly the break only 1 week
after this can continue to be the lab demo
but come to think of it
the lab will end after malay's raya
means i'll become unemployed after that
then how? eat wind? jiak cao?
convo somemore need to use a lot of money
room rental, makan, petrol, etc...
hwa siao....feel scared when think of them
is like can only think but no solution
liao la~how to survive like this
here mia expenses very heavy one
no more ptptn to pinjam
paiseh to ask from fama liao

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

UMS again

ya,back to ums again
came back here to further study lo
but i missed the 1st intake
so have to wait until next intake
heard they said is on january la
but i'l submit the form earlier lo
so wut should i do while waiting?
goyang kaki ?
walau.....goyang kaki still have to pay room rental de ba
so have to find some work to do lo
luckyly my lecturer ask me to be her lab demo
every afternoon have to go lab
and get some pay from it ^^
but still not enough
muz find other job too
if not really jiak cao
life is about struggling !