Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Viva presentation

yesterday done my viva presentation
finally it is over
although not answering the question very well
didn't have usual fluency yesterday
but it is already behind me
now juz need to move forward
can concentrate on final exam liao
this week have to sit for 2 papers
integrated farming management and current issues in forest plantation
i wanted to study but the weather is so hot
hopes that today will rain la

Sunday, April 12, 2009

feeling good

yea...finally pass up my thesis
now only waiting for viva on 20 april
then final exam 22 april til 7 mei
going home on 10 mei
in less then 1 month time

start from nex week i'l have 1 week of study week
feel so happy and relax after pass up
start to feel like "graduated" liao
although my convo is on october
now lets juz stay focus for another 1 more month
casting............ "attention concentrate".............(still RO ?!)

wow...i juz cant believe
3 years in sabah, man~
finally im gonna graduate from this place
thank god~im so lucky