Wednesday, October 27, 2010

High income? Higher income?

our 6th prime minister of Malaysia, Najib had came out with the budget for 2011
well....still the same ol' 1Malaysia thing (hidup umno)
but wait.....he did say something about Malaysia becoming a high income country
now thats the real thing isn't it?
while the united state or america still facing the "side-effect" 

of the economic downturn 2 years ago
but it seems like our beloved country Malaysia are moving forward
moving forward to achieve our wawasan 2020, become a developed country
in the budget, he mention some "new input" that would help to boost the economic of Malaysia
which is called Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)
by creating more job opportunity and increase the income of people
lets hope that "people" are not "imported" from our neighbour country

projects such as greater KL, Mass Rapid Transport (MRT),
and of course the 100 floors mega tower are included in the ETP
all these sounds like our country is developing
or maybe just west Malaysia?
and with a very fast pace, which will eventually resulting a bigger gap between west and east Malaysia.
although im not really a supporter to najib nor barisan,
but to be optimistic, of course all of these transformations and projects can be achieved
the question is to what extent will the ordinary people like us to get benefit from that?
or will it end up to be a white elephant project?
will all the projects given out by open tender?
maybe i'll just have to wait and see (finger-crossed).

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