Sunday, May 2, 2010

after the run

i've completed the half marathon
although feels like it was a walkathon for me
21.1 km i only manage to run about 7-8km
then i can not tahan already
knee pain and muscle cramp forced me to walk to the ending
the run begin at 5:30am and i reach the ending point on 9:15am
i used 3 hours and 45 mins to complete the 21.1 km

me, crossing the finish line, nearly fell down
me, so happy after getting the finisher medal
the front view of the finisher medal
back view of the medal

but i still feels very happy coz i manage to complete the run
im quite satisfied with this "achievement"
although i need to take a longer time 
thanks tong tong for the photoshot
Next stop.......Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010
im coming !!!!


ahyi49 said...

Well done..^^
nvm..for PBIM,mostly u will walk v me..hahaha

vincent said...

good job!!! start trainin now.. v wait GY at d finishing line.. LOL....