Friday, December 18, 2009

AVATAR !!! back
haha.....about 2 months din update liao
actually i do hav things to share but juz dono how to start where to start
then today i'll talk about the movie that i watch yesterday
"James Cameron's Avatar"(click on it if u don't know wut is that)
I saw its trailer around 6 months ago
which at that time i taught "wow! its like a war between night elf (warcraft) and terran (starcraft) ?!" not doing any advertisement for Blizzard here
After watching the movie, it completely blew me away
and i think 8 out of 10 audience oso feel the same
the visual and audio effect are really really good
if u happen to watch it in 3D then it would be awesome
but unfortunately Sabah din hav
The plot of the story is some sort like a high-tech human invading the indigenous inhabitant in Pandora (the planet where the story takes place)
For the human to harvest at the planet they cutting and destroying the natural forest of Pandora which the indigenous ppl are depending on for their daily life
In the movie u can expect to see the wild life, the jungle, the animals, the Na'vi-s (Pandora inhabitant), the floating islands/ground, or the dragon-like flying creatures (bansee and toruk) are all so life-like.
This is definately one of the movie that u can not missed. At last, the movie delivered a very strong and clear message, STOP POLUTING THE WORLD AND FIGHT THE CLIMATE CHANGE !!!!

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