Thursday, April 15, 2010

proposal presentation

finally....the long waited proposal presentation
early morning (10am LOL~) woke up
still in the mood "omg...another sad sad season for arsenal"
trying to get myself concentrate on my proposal
as usual...a cup of coffee
which will definitely wake me up
after that, begin to do some preparation
iron my formal shirt, look at my slides
take a shower, photostat my slides
prepare to go to school
im the 2nd person to present today
feel so nervous although i have been through this when undergraduate
during the presentation, as usual, u kena shoot and u have to defend yourself
but i know all the comments and suggestions are meant to improve my study
after is juz a proposal presentation
still have plenty of time (1year) to improve
but now i need to take a break


ahyi49 said...

good luck...^^
chu kong....

summeReena said...

if kena shoot then shoot back lo....haha

KID said...

add oil la...noob...LOL