Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Study for final exam?

2 days ago the final exam of my uni had started
i got 5 papers but 3 already down
next week will hav another 1
and another 1 the week after next week
a lot of ppl were study at the last minutes
of course i also 1 of "them"

there are several types of "last minutes"
for example: tomolo 9am got a paper
then i study until 4am only sleep
then wake up in the morning and go exam
another example: he/she will sleep earlier (9pm)
and wake up in the midnite to study (3am)
then straight go to exam
so, which one u prefer?

ok, the next thing is about "tiru"
i got a friend told me that
"wuts the used of 4.0 if u tiru while exam?"
ya im agree with that
exam is the place to test ur understanding/knowledge
but the thing is ppl still like to tiru
some say wanna check answer
some say dono do
some say not sure

if me then i'l say if i manage to see, why not?
in my experience, final exam normally are difficult to tiru
the most "cheap" tactic i used before was key in formula in the calculator only (lol)
if u manage to tiru then don't get caught
my advise is "study baik baik, jangan tiru"