Saturday, November 22, 2008

Am i wasting time here?

walan...more than 2 weeks i din on
as u can see im really study hard here (LOL)
alright then, since last tuesday i was free
im on holiday liao
hwa for 6 weeks
mai siao siao
but i bo eng oso la
still need progress for ma thesis
january nid to present (not sure yet)
nex monday hav to go to do sampling ardy
this sem de final exam i think is ok la
i can see improvement
this few days keep on gaming only
feels like its been a long long time i din game

one more thing is that i need to choose companies for my industrial training
need to choose wisely becoz maybe will work with the company in the future
but i dono Penang de company which got plantation
so properly will be training at sabah or selangor
and maybe will work at here too
anyway, life goes on.

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