Thursday, December 11, 2008

Junk Food

Hehehe.....its been awhile im away from blogging
coz busy about my final year project
have to go to school everyday even on holiday

Recently i ate a lot of junk foods
normally is when i watching movies and anime
and this is what i normally do on holiday
one of the junk foods that i baught a lot
is Twisties and O3 chips
and twisties cost me around RM2
but O3 only RM1
sometimes i will buy the biggest pack of twisties
becoz i feel that bigger the package
i got more appetite to eat
at the same time enjoy the show
maybe of the unstopable eating spree of junk foods
i have myself 2 white-spot in my mouth
feel very bo siok everytime wake up
becoz of the pain
then i think i should stop eating junk food
stop me plz

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