Friday, January 1, 2010


What should we concern in 2010?
the answer is 2 degree Celsius
the world are focusing to prevent the increase of 2 degree Celsius of our world temperature
becoz after the world temperature increase of more than 2 degree Celsius than the current average global temperature
the result will be DEVASTATING

A book by Mark Lynas (2007) <<Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet>>, detailing the progressive effect of global warming in several planetary ecosystems, from 1 degree to 6 degrees and further of average temperature rise of the planet.
Below is the prediction/summary of the book of what will happen to our world and our kind if every 1 degree Celsius increase:

1 degree Celsius increase: desertification of major cities and agricultural zones ; 1/3 fresh water region (river, lake) on the earth surface will dry up ; low coastal region will submerged under the sea ; extinction of polar bears, seal, and walrus.

2 degree Celsius increase: summer in the Europe will be as hot as Sahara Desert, people dies in heatwave ; forest fire will destroy most of the forest ; ice-cape of Greenland completely gone causes the rise of 7 meters of sea water level ; 1/3 of species on the Earth facing the threat of extinction.

3 degree Celsius increase: the destruction of Amazon rainforest ; invasion of super tornado on the coastal cities ; New York city already submerge under sea water ; famine strikes the subcontinent of India and South Africa.

4 degree Celsius increase: defrost of the permafrost increases the rate of global warming ; uninhabitable of most of state of England due to flood ; extreme food and water shortages happens all around the globe.

5 degree Celsius increase: the release of methane hydrate and the release of methane from melting permafrost accelarate the climate change ; no more forest area instead of desert all around the Globe ; ice-cape of Antarctic melts ; mass migration of people to search for food.

6 degree Celsius increase: totally lost control of the climate change ; extinction of our kind, only bacteria able to stay alive.

So people, do u think the Mayan's prediction is true?

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