Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Journey Continue

After 3 weeks of CNY holiday and huh hah here and there
it is time to settle down and continue study
still have to draft my proposal and prepare for presentation
many people always ask why i don't want to work 1st
maybe after working 1-2 years then only study master
this is because i feels that while im still in the study mood
it is better that i straight away further study after obtain my bachelor degree
if not i think i won't have the chance to do it
i don't know wut will happen in the future
so when i still hav the chance and the mood better i do it 1st


Chun~ said...

u had make a right choice..trust me..
its very difficult for someone to continue master once they work..
its because once we work, we wil put burden on our shoulder..
once we do tat, we could not put down our rack sack..

ChunHung said...

thanks for your support dude