Wednesday, August 13, 2008


the fair was last week
and i went there to do part time
this time i work as a promoter for Streamyx
well....."new experience"(for those who understand- LOL)

audrey chung introduce me to work for this so-called internet broadband provider
at 1st i not really interested to work on weekend
coz i feel that weekdend is for me to recharge (sounds like im a battery)
but becoz she said the commision is very attractive
50% !!!! wow !!!!
no basic earning,only got commision
so me,colin, and albert decided to give it a shot

the 1st working day is last friday
we reach there around 4:30pm and stand until 9pm+
1st day's sales was ZERO, not really disappointed,
coz long time din do sales already
then on the 2nd day, three of us finally get our 1st customer in the morning session
but after that none until finish. That nite really bad mood la.
3rd day, sunday, that day i never think about doing sales ler
but somehow i manage to get MORE customer to sign than 2 days before.

I was thinking, what a luck ? least i still can get 4 customers in 3 days.
The PC fair end after i back home, coz on Sunday i back home earlier (4pm i cao liao)
I've baught a new keyboard to replace my old 1, a laptop cooler for Paige.

I think this will be the last PIKOM PC FAIR i will ever attend in Sabah.

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