Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stuck again

1 week of convo week
1 week of holiday
but not really holiday for me
still need to do correction for my porposal
assignments and quiz

i was writing my literature review for the whole day until now
at 1st i taught this would be the easiest part for the porposal
because 1 of my coursemate told me that
"very easy, almost same like what lecturer teach in class de, DON WORRY"
wah....now i think back he really siao liao
where got that easy, everything must be the truth
must got reference, must be latest (reference can not be older than 10 years)
now i stuck at here,
very difficult to get enough info
some need to pay lagi
aiyoyo....poor guy like me where can affort oh
now what, this friend of mine until now havent pass up his 1st draft oso
i at least got 2 times liao. (rejected 2 times oso)

anyway, still need to finish it by tonite.
huk !


Chun~ said...

dun giv up..
there are some link that may help u to find source and article..
hope this can help u..
this website actualy is almost same as google..
but it had filter the source..
most of the source found through here is proper article and written by famous author and some is from books..
for example wikipedia is not included since all people could edit the source..
jia you..

Chun~ said...

i do not copy from others lo the phrase..
i juz simply write niah..
mana tau tercopy pula