Saturday, August 2, 2008

saturday and sunday

this is the forth saturday of this sem,
and my porposal oso havent done. =.=
everyday play the webgame
really dono how to die
hopefully i can finish my 1st draft by this weekend
coz 2 more weeks will have to present already

last week juz finish the family camp for this year's juniors
but after came back still have to rush the finance tutorial and seed's lab
luckyly all settle already (bcoz the tutorial no nid to pass up)
juz do for "siok"
if i din touch i really dono
after read those tutorial's question only i realise that why ppl said:
"financial management" is the most difficult subject among the minor subjects.
bcoz a lot of equation to memorize
although the question is not that hard to understand (pusing sini pusing sana)
but dono which equation to use oso no use
and the lecturer said equations are not given in the final exam
can die~

ok la, gtg to find some materials for my literature review and justification...cha...

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